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Intellectual Outputs

  • The Curriculum of the Course

  • The Modules of the Course

  • A Digital Platform

  • Series of Educational Videos

  • A Guide Book for Trainer

  • A Guide Book for Trainees

IO - 1    The Curriculum of the Course

  • Output Type : Course / curriculum – Design and development

  • Description of the intellectual output : Description and Innovation: A training program will be developed which specify the title and subtitles of the subjects, indicate achievements obtained by each subject and how much time will be spent on each subject as well. The duration of the course will be decided according to the curriculum prepared. Innovation: The Ministry of National Education does not have such an adult education program. First time such a distance and open training program will be developed with national and international partners. 

  • Impact : It is possible to encounter health problems that cannot be solved in human life and therefore Palliative Care is needed. Its common problem of society. A joint training program content will be prepared at European level. With this program, everyone will receive the same training. 

  • Transferability: The content of the training program will be available for everyone in use. The program will be written in English first, then all the partners will translate to their own language. Its transferable. 

  • Leading Organisation : KIRKLARELI UNIVERSITESI

IO - 2  The Modules of the Course

  • Output Type : Learning / teaching / training material – Academic / scientific publication 

  • Description of the intellectual output : The content of the PCS program will be prepared by professional and expert health personals. The training program will include the following topics: -Modul 1: Patient care (wound care for pressure sores or surgical wounds) - Modul 2: Inserting catheter - Modul 3: Respiratory problems - Modul 4: Exercise and physiotherapy in bed - Modul 5: Supervising of prescription and other drugs - Modul 6: Emergency management at home - Modul 7: Education of relatives and service personal about self-care - Modul 8: Approach to Alzheimer - dementia patients - Modul 9: Patient assessment (Monitoring of blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and breathing ext.) - Modul 10: Pain management - Modul 11: Communication with patient - Modul 12: Communication with health institution - Modul 13: Management of psychological problems - Modul 14: Informing about the personal rights of the patients, alders and their relatives. ational and international partners. 

  • Impact : 1- Preventing information pollution about PCaH on the internet 2- Target group will be able to access information at any time, renew their knowledge in this way 3- Target group get to know their legal rights (maintenance costs, social benefits, disability pension, ID card for disabilities, etc.) 4- It will be easier to strive psychologically and physically. 5- The comfort of the patient and elders will increase 6- Low-skilled or low-qualified adults those who want to work in PCaH service will gain opportunity to find job easily with the certificate given. 

  • Innovation: The content will be prepared with the partners. Because PCaH may differ from the country's sociocultural and economic level. Program content will be revised with partners and all the given above modules will be evaluated. These modules will be combined together and uploaded into the platform. So PCaH will be improved according to today's requirements and needs. 

  • Transferability: The content of the training program is transferable. The modules of course will be available for everyone in use. And all partners will translate it to their own language as well. 

  • Leading Organisation : KIRKLARELI UNIVERSITESI

IO - 3  A Digital Platform

  • Output Type : Open / online / digital education – E-learning course / module

  • Description of the intellectual output : Distance and open education are necessary for who has difficulty to get formal education due to various reasons. -This project innovative because it will be open and distance education methodology in PCSaH for low skilled or low qualified adults. - Other innovative side of the project is the given certificate. The platform will help to get registration from all around. Educational materials / documents will be uploaded to this platform as much as possible and will be available to users. The educational materials will also be uploaded to the web-page of the Ministry of National Education. 

  • Impact : -The digital platform will serve an interactive training so the lecturers will have live communication with the trainees at the same time. -Trainees can log in to the platform and get support at any time to review subject matter or to revise their knowledge. - The platform be accessible from anywhere where the internet exists. - One of the advantages of the digital platform is the ability to load different images related to the subject at any time and the information is easily renewable. -the platform will be more attractive for trainees. - there will be the web-link or contact info of the on-duty pharmacies, health institutions and social service centres on the digital platform. 

  • Transferability: Transferability: The digital platform will be accessible for everyone. And all partners will translate it to their own language as well. Therefore, the digital platform is transferable

  • Leading Organisation : KIRKLARELI UNIVERSITESI

IO - 4  Series of Educational Videos 

  • Output Type : Learning / teaching / training material – Literature (novels, short stories, tales, poetry, comics, plays, etc.)

  • Innovation : Short videos will be taken for each Module and will upload on digital platform for using distance and open education. Although the videos will be published in social media. The content of the videos will be prepared by experts, which will be reliable and easy to understand. Some subjects require faceto-face training. Those who do not have this opportunity will receive visual training through the series of videos. For example, Inserting catheter, pulse measurement, body care ect. 

  • Impact : Impact: In PCSaH program some topics requires practical training. The only way to show the practices in open and distance education is a visual video. That is why we need series of videos in distance education. Adults will learn through watching and listening the videos. Videos won’t be too long and boring just based on narration, applications will be included. The health materials going to be used in patient care will be introduced and explained in the videos. Medical terms will not be used as much as possible in videos. A simple language will be used for the target group to be understood. 

  • Leading Organisation : APEC Egitim Danismanlik Ltd.

IO - 5  A Guide Book for Trainers

  • Output Type : Learning / teaching / training material – Manual / handbook / guidance materia

  • Description  : A manual guide book will be created for educators who will provide interactive training. This manual will serve as a guide for trainers. It will obtain: - information about how to use the digital platform. - evaluation and measurement methods in education. - introduction of educational materials - specify duration of training program. - Identify the expected achievement.  


IO - 6  A Guide Book for Trainees

  • Output Type : Learning / teaching / training material – Manual / handbook / guidance materia

  • Innovation:  : A guide book will be prepared for trainees. It will include the following topics. - general information about the course/program, - requirements for registration. - Aim of the course/program - Brief information about how to use the digital platform (open an account, how to register and get password, exc.) - Information about certification. 

  • Impact : The Certificate will be awarded to those who successfully completed the program. With this project, we provide new jobs for low skilled or low qualified adults. 


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