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Kırklareli Üniversitesi , Turkey

University of Kırklareli (KLU) is a public university, , was founded in 2007 and locates in Kirklareli. Kirklareli is in the Balkans and close to Istanbul, offering a peaceful and pleasant education atmosphere for students. Today in 2019, KLU consists of 3 Institutes, 10 Faculties, 3 Schools, 7 Vocational Schools and Continuing Education Centre offering various study fields of social sciences, natural sciences and health sciences. The study programmes are organized according to the Bologna principles. KLU has 800 academic staff, 500 administrative staff and about 30.000 students. In addition, the university includes 14 research institutes and centers and also 70-plus student clubs, where students can stay active.


The Health institute is currently having 4 departments which are Child Development Department, Public Health Department, Nursing Department and Midwifery Department. In addition, by taking the contribution of the community in our region, as the University of Health Institute is competent to take responsibility in the field of health for the prevention of disease, patient care and health levels, with the aim of becoming a recognized educational health institution at national and international level with its qualified graduates, it aims to reach its goals with its scientific thinking power and worldwide view. In the context of Erasmus+ programme, KLU has signed interinstitutional agreements with over 70 Programme Country universities in Europe so far. In addition to these agreements signed with Programme Countries, our university has 15 inter-institutional agreements with Partner Countries, taking place out of Europe continent.

T.C. Aile ve Sosyal Hizmetler İl Müdürlüğü, Turkey

Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services decides social policies related to family, women, children, elders and disabled people. The provincial directorates carry out social services according to these policies in Turkey. Provincial Directorate of Family, Labour and Social Services are established under the Ministry. Ankara Provincial Directorate of Family,Labour and Social Services is a local authority founded in 1983. Among its tasks are: to develop and to implement policies related to social services and solidarity at the local level, to protect the structure of the family, to conduct the social services and the solidarity activities for children, to prevent discrimination against women, to apply every kinds of precautions and solutions for the disabled and the elderly, to take precautions in order to protect the relatives of martyrs and veterans from the unjust treatment and the deprivation, to arrange the solidarity activities for those who need protection and social aids, to take precautions in order to protect the family integrity and to provide the coordination and the collaboration among other institutions and NGOs. It has 1500 staffs (social workers, teachers, psychologists, sociologists, statisticians, education specialists, nurses, media specialists, trainers) and 30 affiliated institutions (for children, young, elderly, women, disabled and all disadvantaged groups)


APEC Education and Consulting, Turkey

APEC is an educational enterprise that mainly focuses on 21st Century Skills Education, designing education programmes, developing occupational standards through various analysis, giving trainings and managing European Projects. APEC has 8 staff composing of researchers, trainers and project experts.


Since 2000, APEC team has been providing trainings and educations for teaching groups and adults in variety of topics at national and international level. Also psychological counseling and rehabilitation sessions for individuals or small groups are available.


Wyzsza Szkola Ekonomii I Innowacji W Lublinie, Poland

University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin (WSEI) is a non-state higher education institution, funded in 2001. WSEI offers full university degree programmes in a range of academic disciplines. With over 6 000 students (of which approx. 80 % extramural learners), is a nationally recognized university, demonstrating a commitment to engage in partnerships with EU organizations and institutions to support education, training and research​.

According to national ranking “Perspectives” 2017- WSEI is located on 1st place of non public universities in Region and 18th on general national list. From 6 years WSEI regularly receives certificate “The School of Leaders” issued by The Foundation of High Education Development. WSEI offers a distinctive educational experience, through a range of vocationally related courses / undergraduate, graduate & postgraduate courses, incl. economics, management, computer science, supported by a strong research and knowledge transfer activities (Centre for Information Technology and Transport Safety).


Municipiul Fagaras, Romania

FAGARAS MUNICIPALITY is a territorial-administrative unit organized and operating under the principles of decentralization, local autonomy, devolution of public services, eligibility of authorities of local public administration, legality and consultation of citizens in solving the problems of particular interest.

From the administrative point of view the municipality of Fagaras belongs to Brasov county which holds a central position within the territory of Romania, Fagaras city being the second large city of the county.

Fagaras obtained the status of territorial administrative unit in July 1979.

Fagaras Municipality and Fagaras Municipal Hospital “Dr. Aurel Tulbure” jointly develop plans for community medical services at local level as well by involving all institutions and factors that work on or can influence medical and social assistance, monitoring at the same time the implementation of the community plans for social and medical assistance.


Sinergia Societa Cooperativa Sociale, Italy


Sinergia Società Cooperativa Sociale is a not for profit organisation founded in Bitonto (in Puglia, South of Italy) in 2009. Sinergia’s staff is made of 10 professionals and is active in the field of lifelong learning, active aging, social and job integration of youngsters and vulnerable target groups.

The activities that carried out are:
• Monitoring and informing local stakeholders about the opportunities offered by the European Union; • Promoting and supporting the participation of local actors in European, national and local activities, presenting projects in line with EU methodology; • Spreading European culture in the local context and raising awareness about the concept of European citizenship;
• Starting a constant and constructive dialogue with the EU institutions; • Valuing initiatives, ideas and local projects through Communitarian opportunities; • Facilitating the participation of local actors in the political and Communitarian institutional process; • Promoting the mobility of young people as an opportunity to contribute to the creation of European identity through different experiences; • Promote the personal and social development of young people through European opportunities • Fostering international networks, European partnerships and exchange of good practices; • Improving the competitiveness of local enterprises and supporting innovation; • Providing training and guidance on programmes and opportunities for young people promoted by the European Union and the Council of Europe in the fields of education, training, mobility and citizenship; • Providing training on facilitated finance opportunities for recruitment and self-employment of disadvantaged people.

Sinergia is involved in several cooperation projects, both at the local and European level. Specifically, Sinergia adheres to the LegaCoop Puglia, regional confederation of cooperative enterprises; one of our members is the referent person for the job integration programmes of the social cooperatives in this network.


Marie Curie Association, Bulgaria

MARIE CURIE ASSOCIATION - MCA, BRANCH SMOLYAN is a disabily representative NGO, having its activities fully directed towards people with disabilities and seniors (55+). The branch was established in 2015 in Smolyan as part of Marie Curie Association-MCA Bulgaria and up to this moment in their education, training and consulting activities they involved more than 7000 beneficiaries per annum. The team of MARIE CURIE ASSOCIATION - MCA, BRANCH SMOLYAN has managed and co-coordinated several national and international projects. Their activities so far are related to: innovative programmes for vocational education and training in accordance with the real requirements of the labour market in European aspect (by the VISAGE method of RNIB); Flexible schemes helping the carrier development of young people and people from disadvantaged groups, such as mentoring and coaching of people with disabilities, instruments for attractive and effective self-presentation in front of potential employers; Counselling people with disabilities in order to encourage their independent living; Opportunities for participation in training and working practice on international level; Training for professionals working with people with disabilities in close connection with the rise of quality of their work; Cooperation with NGO’s, vocational training organizations, universities, and other institutions on regional, national and international level; Development of validation framework for evaluation of the achievements of people with disabilities and disadvantaged; Innovative approach in the realization of training process, incorporated in ODL Systems for flexible and accessible training, based on contemporary researches and methods for vocational and educational training. As a result of those activities an extensive network of partners is set up such as universities, local and national authorities, training institutions, and pan-European end user organisations. MARIE CURIE ASSOCIATION - MCA, BRANCH SMOLYAN also has a close connection with the business sector through employers’ network with more than 100 members, and a good collaboration with end users (people with disabilities and seniors) which smoothly will provide necessarily expertise for the realisation of the project in the Rodopi region and in Bulgaria.


Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi, Turkey


With its 49.791 students, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (COMU) is one of the most competitive universities in Turkey and always looking for more talented people to play a part in its future. COMU is a modern state university, committed to world-class academic excellence. The reputation and popularity of COMU in Turkey is based on the high-quality teaching and learning experience available to students at the university. At COMU, you can work with well-qualified, intelligent, dedicated academic staff who will encourage your self-development in order to continue being successful after graduation. At our university, students have access to wide-ranging learning resources and up-to-date facilities. Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University possesses a research fund that encourages the progress and development of society by financing scientific research projects. In addition, COMU actively seeks to propose and develop projects within international research programmes. In 2014, COMU attracted millions of Euros in research grants and contract income from a variety of funders, including the EU, the Turkish Science and Technology Research Council (TUBITAK), the Turkish Ministry of Development, the Turkish Higher Education Council and various NGOs.

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