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Project Overview

What is e-Care about?

e-Care - Open and Distance Education for Palliative Care at Home Erasmus+ Project aims to train the adults (caregivers working at hospital or hospices, nursing & senior homes patient family members & relatives who care at home etc.) through distance education. Necessary learning materials will be developed for the target group during the project period in order to achieve objectives of the project. 

Project Title

  • “Open and Distance Education for Palliative Care at Home”

Project Duration

  • 32 Months ( 14-10-2019/13-06-2022 )

Project Budget

  • 254,615€

Project Coordinator 

Project Partners

  • Wyzsza Szkola Ekonomii I Innowacji W Lublinie, Poland

  • T.C. Aile, Çalışma ve Sosyal Hizmetler İl Müdürlüğü, Turkey, Turkey

  • Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi, Turkey

  • Municipiul Fagaras, Romania

  • Sinergia Societa Cooperative Sociale,Italy

  • Marie Curie Association, Bulgaria

  • APEC - Advanced Project Education Consulting, Turkey

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